About Optimal Lifestyle for Optimal Health Course

with Tom Whitmire, CD

Not Designed by Egomaniac!

Most Courses Are Designed by Egomaniacs Who Enjoy Taking Advantage of People, Posing for Phony Power Pose Photos, Watching Themselves on Social Media, Hearing themselves Talk & Flaunting the Fortune They Obtained Through Selling Lies!

Tom is Only Concerned with the Quality of His Information, Your Actual Success Rate & Holding Your Hand to the Finish Line. He is Unconcerned with His Image or Portraying Himself as a Guru. He is Compassionate with a Good Heart! Some Say, “Tom is a Genius That is Ahead of His Time!”

The Optimal Lifestyle Course was created by a brilliant health expert that struggled to market & sell it, not a Business, Marketing & Sales Guru who struggled to put together a results orientated & evidence based health course that gets longterm & sustained results.

This is not a look at me, you can be like me… style of course!

This course was not created by someone who is really good looking & that health came easy to… thus people follow them for no reason that they earned. This course was created by a science nerd who struggled in life for years to find health & now just wants to inspire others while maintaining his privacy & the privacy of the participants.

You know the phrase, “All athletes want to be rappers & all rappers want to be athletes. Well in the health world the saying goes, “All Chefs want to be Health Coaches & All Health Coaches Want to be Chefs. Like All Fitness Instructors Wanting to Be Nutritionists.” Tom is only an Expert Health Coach & unlike others he does not waste his time or talents on anything else. You shouldn’t either.

This is all the more reasons why you should work with Tom.

Tom is a Certified HHI Health Educator, Certified Doula, Keynote Speaker, Frequent Podcast Guest & Former Secondary Science Teacher Who Has Dedicated His Life to Providing People with a Path to Living an Optimal Lifestyle.

About the Course!

This Course Will Help You with Mystery Symptoms, Weight Instability, Chronic Illness, AutoImmune Issues, Undiagnosed Pain, Low Libido, Stress, Sickness, Virus Issues & Brain Fog!

The Optimal Lifestyle for Optimal Health Course Gives you access to 1on1 Coaching, 14 Course Modules, 756+ Page Course Book, 114+ Course Videos, A Personalized Supplement-Nutrition-Mental Health Plan & Personal Access to Tom Whitmire, CD!

Use this New Information to Unlock, Activate & Access Your Optimal Potential!

Join TOM WHITMIRE, CD as He Debunks Lifestyle Influencer Trends, Tricks, Traps, Cons, Dupes & Deceptions like Apple Cider Vinegar.

He Will Teach You What to Avoid & What You Can Replace It With that Will Actually Work in Your Favor.

This Course is Designed to Help You Save Money & Time as You Navigate Yourself Towards Optimal Health.

This Lifestyle Course Will Guide You Towards Finding Relief & Relaxation, Energy & Endurance, Brain & Mental Health, Beauty & Perfect Skin, Balanced Weight & Strength, Balanced Hormones & Libido, An End to Sickness & Pain… All While Providing Longevity & AntiAging Secrets!

Are you Tired of being Confused, Puzzled, Stunned, Baffled & Exhausted by a Seemingly Endless Amount of Worthless Information About Your Daily Issues?

It is Time for the Suffering, Despair, Misery, Pain & Agony to Finally Stop.

Happy Graduates of this Course Found Valuable Information that Changed Their Lives on Subjects: Recipes & Meals, Grocery Shopping, Supplements & Herbs, Cleansing & Addiction, Sleep Optimization, Therapies & Practitioners, Healthy New Products, Energy Optimization, Releasing Toxic Emotions & Retraining the Brain.

The People who Completed this Course Learned to Detox Toxic Heavy Metals, Rid Infections, Rid Viruses, Rid Bacteria and Learned to Stop Poisoning Themselves. They also Learned How to Consume the Best SuperFoods in the World.

This Comprehensive Curriculum is Meticulously Crafted with Evidence Based Results to Create a Complete Lifestyle Guide & Training Manual to the Modern Human Body.

The Course Modules Include:
Optimal Supplements
Optimal SuperFoods
Optimal Detox
Optimal Weight
Optimal AutoImmunity
Optimal Longevity
Optimal Ingredients
Optimal Fitness
Optimal Treatments
Optimal Products
Optimal Birth
Optimal Intrigue

Tom Whitmire, CD… the course creator, Spent the Last Decade Creating this Lifestyle Course to Help You Heal…

Tom has been a Certified Health Coach for the last 11 years. He is a Certified Hippocrates Health Educator, Certified Doula, Author, Frequent Podcast Guest & Former Secondary Science Teacher!

Make this Course Book Your Guide to Achieving the Vibrant, Energetic Life You Deserve! If You’ve Been Battling with Bad Health Issues, You’re in the Right Place! This Comprehensive Course Will Empower You with the Knowledge, Tools & Strategies Needed to Reclaim Your Vitality!

Bright Colors, Vivid Images & Concise Writing Make It Engaging & You Keep Going Because You Want to Know What Is Coming Next! Meticulous Attention to Detail to Maximize Your Time & Efficiency During the Learning Process! Gain access to ‘The Instruction Book for the Human Body’ & The Course That Should Be Taught in Every High School!

Gain Access to Easy-To-Follow Videos that Break Down Complex Health Concepts Into Manageable Steps! Each Video is a 1-Minute Crash Course on the Subject, Designed for Rapid Uptake! The Course is Not a Quick Fix; It’s a Transformative Journey that Addresses the Root Causes of Your Health Challenges!

Gain Access to a List & Links to Buy the Most Optimal Supplements, Personal Care, Household & Kitchen Products! Learn What Supplements to Really Focus On & What Ones to Avoid Because They Are Just Trendy! Discover Things You Never Dreamed Existed. All with No Harmful Chemicals, Binders, Fillers, Dyes, Scents or Scams. Just the Best!

Gain Access to Tom Whitmire, CD for In Person or Online Coaching Sessions! Initial Intake, Guided Sessions & Q&A Sessions! With Personal Guidance & Continuous Support You Will Be Empowered to Make Sustainable Lifestyle Upgrades!

Gain Access to a 1 on 1 Brain, Body, Home & Health Makeover! Add the Best & Toss Out the Rest. Upgrade Your Routine & Go from Ordinary to  Extraordinary! Reveal Your New Self Back to the World After Completing the Healing Process!

Learn The Cause, The Cure & Get an Immediate Course of Action You Can be Confident in Following for Rapid Results. Current Steps to Ridding Infections, Viruses, Heavy Metals, Environmental Toxins, EMF Radiation, Poisons & Old Fat! Your Issue or DisEase is Not Your Fault. Together We Will Reverse It!

Uncover Secret Knowledge… Gain Access to Hidden Information Banned from the Internet, Not Allowed on TV, Deleted from Social Media & Denied by Corporate Media, Medical Institutions & Governments! Want to Finally Hear the Truth?

“This Course is Not Just a Collection of Lessons; It’s a Transformative Experience that Will Reshape the Way You Think About Health, Healing & Your Entire Lifestyle!”

Imagine a Life Where Your Well-Being Takes Center Stage, Where You Wake Up Each Morning with Boundless Energy, a Clear Mind & a Sense of Inner Peace that Radiates Through Every Aspect of Your Existence. This is Not a Far-Off Dream; It’s a Reality Within Your Reach & This is Your Course of Action to Get There!

Unlock Your Optimal Potential!

“If You Want Something You Have Never Had. You Have to Do Something You Have Never Done!”

A Desire for Things to Be Different & A Resistance to Change… If You Are Experiencing Both of these Emotions Right Now, You are Ideal for this Course!

“Most People Don’t Start Something New, Because They Do Not Know Where to Begin. You Have Now Found the Right Place to Begin, So… Start Now!”


What's Included?


• One 60 Min Initial Consult, Course Overview & Intake Form Review with Tom!
- You Will Book this Zoom Session on the Course’s Calendly Calendar

• Two 60 Min Coaching Sessions with Q&A with Tom to be Booked within First 28 Days
- You Will Book these Zoom Sessions or Phone Calls on the Course’s Calendly Calendar

• One 30 Min Coaching Session a Month for Next 5 Months!
- You Will Book these Zoom Sessions or Phone Calls on the Course’s Calendly Calendar

 • Once a Week Over First 6 Months You Can Text or Email Your Questions & Concerns!
- Expect a Reply Within 48 Hours

A Plan on The Cause & The Cure of Your Issue & The Course of Action to Relieve It!
• Personalized Supplement Plan – Brand, Product, Dosages & Times +
• Personalized Nutrition Plan – Foods to Eat & Foods to Avoid +
• Personalized Mental Health Plan – Ways to Rid Stress & Find Relief

14 Module Course with Syllabus, Quizzes & Assignments
• 756+ Page Course Book – Online PDF’s
• 114+ Course Videos – YouTube Playlists
• Recommended Products Page – 200+ Suggestion Links


*** All the Courses Include All Optimal Lifestyle for Optimal Health Course Books, All Modules, All Videos & Coaching: Whether You Purchase the Optimal Health, Optimal Weight, Optimal AutoImmunity, Optimal Birth, Optimal Fertility or Optimal Cancer Program. You Get it All & We Get to Know What You Want to Focus on Most!

• Additional Phone Calls or Required Tasks will be Billed at $100 an Hour with Minimum of $100 at a Time.
• Local Pop-In Home Client Services like Juicing, Blending, Meal Prep Demo, Shopping, Educating or Fitness Training will be Billed at $200 an Hour.

Payments Can be Made by Credit Card Through the Website Shopping Cart or via Zelle, CashApp, Venmo, Apple Pay, Amazon, PayPal or Your Preferred Means of Payment.

Why This Course?
Unlock Optimal Health: Say Goodbye to Weight Struggles & Mystery Symptoms!

Welcome to The Optimal Lifestyle for Optimal Health Course, your ultimate guide to achieving the vibrant, energetic life you deserve. If you’ve been battling with weight issues, persistent mystery symptoms, or chronic illnesses that seem to have no explanation, you’re in the right place. Our comprehensive course is meticulously designed to empower you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to reclaim your health and vitality.

Why Choose Sproutstanding’s Optimal Health Course?

At Sproutstanding, we believe that true health extends far beyond just the absence of disease. It’s about thriving physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our course is not a quick fix; it’s a transformative journey that addresses the root causes of your health challenges. Backed by evidence based science and expert insights, our program encompasses a holistic approach that covers:

  1. Holistic Nutrition: Discover the power of nourishing your body with the right foods. Our course provides you with a deep understanding of nutrition’s role in weight management and overall well-being.
  1. Unraveling Mystery Symptoms: Are mysterious symptoms leaving you frustrated and overwhelmed? Our experts will guide you through a process of uncovering the underlying triggers, helping you regain control over your body.
  1. Sustainable Weight Loss: Say goodbye to fad diets and hello to long term weight loss. We’ll guide you through evidence-based methods that promote healthy weight management without deprivation.
  2. Lifestyle Optimization: Your daily habits play a significant role in your health. Learn how to optimize your lifestyle for improved energy, sleep, stress management, and overall vitality.
  3. Mind-Body Connection: Understand the intricate link between your mind and body. Our course equips you with mindfulness and relaxation techniques to support your healing journey.
  4. Fed Up: If you are sick of people just running tests on you without providing you with the cause & the cure of your issue then you are in the right place.

What Our Optimal Health Course Offers:

  • Comprehensive Learning Materials: Gain access to easy-to-follow modules, informative videos, and insightful guides that break down complex health concepts into manageable steps.
  • Expert Guidance: Our team of experienced health professionals will be with you every step of the way, offering personalized guidance and support tailored to your unique needs.
  • Practical Tools: Receive practical tools, meal plans, recipes, and exercises that you can seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, fostering lasting change.

Your Optimal Health Awaits – Enroll Today!

Imagine waking up each day feeling energized, confident, and ready to take on the world. No more struggling with excess weight, mysterious symptoms, or chronic ailments. Tom Whitmire, CD’s Optimal Lifestyle for Health Course is your gateway to a vibrant life filled with vitality and well-being.

Don’t let another day go by without taking action towards your health transformation. Enroll now and embark on a journey that will empower you to reclaim your optimal health and live life to the fullest. Your future self will thank you!

Experience the Sproutstanding difference. Because when you’re healthy, every day is a chance to flourish.

Take the Leap!

This Course is Not Just a Collection of Lessons; It’s a Transformative Experience that Will Reshape the Way You Think About Health, Healing & Your Entire Lifestyle!

Imagine a Life Where Your Well-Being Takes Center Stage, Where You Wake Up Each Morning with Boundless Energy, a Clear Mind, and a Sense of Inner Peace that Radiates Through Every Aspect of Your Existence.

This is Not a Far-Off Dream; It’s a Reality Within Your Reach, and This is Your Course of Action to Get There!

With Expert Guidance, Cutting-Edge Research, & Practical Tools, You’ll Embark on a Journey Towards Optimal Wellness.


Unlock Your Body’s Potential: Our course empowers you with the knowledge to harness your body’s innate healing abilities. You’ll learn how to tap into the extraordinary power of holistic health practices and natural remedies.

Comprehensive Curriculum: We’ve curated a comprehensive curriculum that covers everything from nutrition and exercise to mindfulness and stress management. You’ll gain a holistic understanding of health that’s truly life-changing.

Expert Guidance: Our team of experienced instructors and healthcare professionals are dedicated to your success. They’ll provide personal support and ensure you have the tools to thrive.

Lasting Transformation: This course isn’t about quick fixes or temporary solutions. It’s about sustainable, long-term change that will impact every facet of your life for the better.

Community & Support: Join a thriving community of like-minded individuals on the same journey. Share your experiences, celebrate victories, and find support when facing challenges.

Invest in Yourself: Your health is the most valuable asset you have. By investing in this course, you’re investing in a healthier, happier, and more vibrant future for yourself.

Risk-Free Commitment: We believe so strongly in the power of our program that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your investment, no questions asked.

This Health & Healing Course is not just a course; it’s a gateway to a life of vitality and well-being. It’s an opportunity to become the best version of yourself, to live a life free from the constraints of illness and stress, and to embrace a future filled with boundless health and healing.

Don’t let this moment slip away. Join us today, and let’s embark on this transformative journey together. Your health is worth it, and so are you.

Click the “Enroll Now” button and take the first step towards a brighter, healthier tomorrow.

Your future self will thank you. Aloha!

“Tell the Truth!”

“I Actually Want to Help People So,
I Tell Them the Truth!
If I Just Wanted to Help Myself,
I Would Just Tell People…
What They Want to Hear!”

I Actually Want to Help You… Unlike Most of Your Past Health Professionals Who Probably Were Only Looking to Get Paid as they Strung You Along as Part of a Giant Guessing Game…

Enhance Your World View!

“When You CHANGE the Way…

You Look at Things…

The Things You

Look at…



“Pick the ‘Optimal’ Outcome!”

The Word “Optimal” is Defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as…

adjective - us/ˈɑːp.tə.məl/

  • best; most likely to bring success or advantage
  • most desirable, most favorable, or most effective possible outcome in a particular situation or choice among all possibilities and options

I See Optimal as… “I Did Years of Research & I Determined This ??? to Be the Absolute Best In

It’s Category & That Choice Was Not Made Based on Money, Emotions, Propaganda, Dogma, Trends, Impulses, Laziness, Religion, Politics, Price, Profit, or Not Wanting to Be Liked!”

Choose the Optimal Choice!

“Never Get Compromised!”

None of the Material in this Course is Here Because It Fits into Some Label I Choose in the Past or Because of Some Future Outcome I wish to Experience.

The Information in This Course is Not Based on My Emotional Feelings about the Environment, Animal Welfare, My Political Agenda, My Diet or Trying to Make You like Me.

Nothing in This Course is Based Off of Me Trying to Sell You Something for Profit. I Make No Commissions off of Any of This Advice. Not One of My Suggestions Are Profit Driven. I Receive No Sponsorship Money from Any Industry. I Do Not Make Any Money if You Buy a Certain Product, Supplement or Food Item. No One Has Influenced Me or Made Me Change Any of This Material Because They Have Threatened to Remove a Stream of Income from Me if I Do Not Comply.

Because of the above the Information in This Course is Not Compromised. It is All Just the Most Optimal Information That I Gathered in My Research & Experiences along My Path as I Tried to Create an Instruction Manual for the Human Body Living on Earth…. Also, I Am Not Holding Anything Back Because I Think It Might Upset You!”

“Old Belief Systems are an Enemy”

“Belief is the Enemy of Knowledge & Truth!” 
If One’s Belief Becomes a Source of Personal Virtue, Then It Becomes an Enemy of Knowledge & Truth & Any Effort by Others to Expose or Explore It Can Be Met with a Strong Defense, as if One Were Attacking the Person.

A Defensive Counterattack is Usually Launched That Often Involves Attacking the Informant Personally & Emotionally Using Topics That Have Nothing to Even Do with the Subject of Debate.

One May Say, “You Might See Benefits by Drinking Pure Water Instead of Diet Coke.”

The Receiver of the Information May Say, “How Would You Know, You Are Not a Doctor, You Didn’t Go to the Med School, You Are Not Even Married, You Don’t Even Have Kids, You Don’t Even Have a Real Job, Your Car Cost Half What Mine Did, You Rent an Apartment & I Live in a Mansion, How Could You Possible Know What is Causing My Headache & What I Should Do With My Body?”

Their Belief System Just Got in the Way of Hearing a Truth that Would Have Benefited Them.

“Follow the System!”

“Success is the Sum of Small Efforts, Repeated Day in & Day Out. This is All a Complete System. If You Follow It Closely, Then You Will Get Optimal Results.”

Starting This Course is Like Starting the First Practice of a Long NBA Basketball Season.

I Coach to Win Championships & I Feel like I Have the Playbook, Offensive System & Defensive System to Present to You to Win a Championship. You Have to Trust Me Enough Starting on the First Day to Know That Each Day of Practice Builds on Top of One Another. Even if Something in the Beginning Seems Funny or like It Has Nothing to Do With Basketball (Health) It Does Have Something to Do With Building Your Body, Character, Knowledge Base or That Desire to Accomplish Your Goal of Winning in the Final Game. “A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with A Single Step.”

This System is Built with Tiny Puzzle Pieces. Individually They Do Not Look Like Anything but as You Continue to Connect the Pieces It Will Finally Produce a Picture That is Clear. That is the Same Thing We Are Going to Do Together to Reach Your Results. Start Connecting Small Pieces to See the Big Picture.

“Never Label Yourself!” Vegan, Meat Eater or Plant Based?

Stop Labeling Yourself Based on Your Views on the Side of One Issue!

Never Choose to Consume a Poison Just Because It Fits Your Label & then Refuse Consuming Perfection Because It Does Not Fit Into Your Label. 

Living within the Confinement of a Label, Certain People are Willing Drink Poison Because It is within Their “Raw Food” Label or Eat Toxic Canola Burgers Just Because They Have a “Vegan” Label on Them but Those Same People Will Not Consume a Superfood Like Maple Syrup Because It is Not Considered to Be a “Raw Food” or Honey Because It is Not Considered to Be “Vegan”.

STOP Announcing You are a… Meat Eater, Vegan, Keto, Raw, Left, Right, Anti, Pro, Shy, Extrovert, Religious Affiliations, Political Affiliations & the like!

To Maintain Political Labels People Will Vote for Dictators & Thieves Just Because They Contain the Same Political Party Label & Those Same People Will Not Vote for Honest Hard Working People Who Will Strive to Better a Community but Happen to Be Defined by an Opposing Parties Label. STOP!

If You Later Grow in Life & Get Exposed to New Information & Then Want to Make New & Informed Choices You May Feel Limited by the Fact That You Don’t Want to Give up the Label That You Identify with to Your Peers. Enjoy Your Friends & Family without Choosing Their Labels in Fear That It May Cause a Moment of Conflict. Just Enjoy Life & Being Able to Learn & Mature as You Do.

You Don’t Want to Have to Make Choices Just to Protect Your Outdated Belief System & Limiting Labels!

You can be Vegan… & Heal with this Course!
You can be a Meat Eater… & Heal with this Course!
You can be Plant Based… & Heal with this Course!

You can Heal on this Course No Matter What Your Belief System is Going In!

“Find Optimal Replacements for the Bad!”

“There is an Optimal Replacement in this

   Lifestyle for Everything that People Consume

      That is Bad for Them. I’m Not Talking About

         Replacing Hot Dogs with Corn Syrup Salty

           Soy Dogs. I am Talking About Replacing

              Toxic Hot Dogs with Optimal Carrots &

                 The List Goes On…”

“Instead of Raspberry Scones You Just Eat Raspberries!”

“Instead of Apple Pie You Just Eat Apples!”

“Instead of Blueberry Muffins You Just Eat Blueberries!”

“Instead of Banana Bread You Just Eat Bananas!”

“Instead of Orange Sherbet You Just Eat Oranges!”

“Instead of Peach Cobbler You Just Eat Peaches!”

“Instead of Fig Newtons You Just Eat Figs!”

“Instead of Honeynut Cheerios You Just Eat Honey!”

“Instead of Strawberry Shortcake You Just Eat Strawberries!”

“Instead of Oatmeal Raison Cookies You Just Eat Raisons!”

“Instead of Fruit Snacks You Just Eat Fruits!”

“Instead of Potato Chips You Just Eat Potatoes!”

“Instead of Sweet Potatoes Fries You Just Eat Sweet Potatoes!”

“Instead of Pepper Jack Cheese You Just Eat Peppers!”

“Instead of Carrot Cake You Just Eat Carrots!”

“Instead of Lemonade You Just Drink Lemon Water!”





✅ 11+ Years as an Optimal Health Specialist

Helping People Unlock, Activate & Access Their Optimal Potential!

Author of...




By Tom Whitmire, CD



Tom Whitmire, CD, is a PERSONAL LIFESTYLIST, CONCIERGE HEALTH CONSULTANT & CERTIFIED DOULA (CD) that Specializes in Helping People with Mystery Symptoms, AutoImmune Issues, Chronic Illness & Weight Issues. He is the Author of the Book “Optimal Lifestyle for Optimal Health” and that Book Serves as the Course Pack for His Online Course Found at Sproutstanding.com of the Same Title. With 10+ Years as an Optimal Health Specialist, Tom Provides One-On-One Health, Brain, Body, Home and Lifestyle Makeovers.

Tom is a common guest speaker for Podcasts & Special Live Events. Tom’s Presentations are a Brilliant Combination of Education, Entertainment & Insite, Where an Audience Member May be Laughing One Moment & Overcome with Emotion the Next.

Tom’s Passion is to Help People Unlock, Activate & Access Their Optimal Potential!


Tom Whitmire, CD, is a multifaceted and compassionate professional dedicated to improving people’s lives by addressing a range of health and lifestyle challenges.

His expertise in personal lifestyle consulting, concierge health consultation, and doula services indicates a holistic approach to well-being.

The fact that he specializes in helping individuals with mystery symptoms, autoimmune issues, chronic illness, and weight problems suggests a commitment to tackling complex health issues.

His book, “Optimal Lifestyle for Optimal Health,” and the corresponding online course at Sproutstanding.com highlight his desire to share his knowledge and empower others to take control of their health.

Tom’s extensive experience as an optimal health specialist and his one-on-one makeovers for health, brain, body, home, and lifestyle indicate a personalized and comprehensive approach to his clients’ needs.

Additionally, being a guest speaker for podcasts and special live events underscores his commitment to spreading his message of optimal health and well-being to a broader audience.

The combination of education, entertainment, and insight in Tom’s presentations suggests a dynamic and engaging approach that resonates with diverse audiences.

His passion for helping people unlock, activate, and access their optimal potential showcases a genuine dedication to making a positive impact on individuals’ lives.

In a world filled with challenges, having a beacon of inspiration like Tom Whitmire, CD, can indeed provide valuable guidance and support for those seeking to enhance their overall well-being.




Tom Whitmire, CD is the AUTHOR of the the Book “OPTIMAL LIFESTYLE for OPTIMAL HEALTH”.


Learn what benefits the body and what is bad for the body in this colorful and to the point book. The book is a Lifestyle Guide for Men, Woman, Babies, Moms & Dads looking to achieve Optimal Health while living an Optimal Lifestyle.


Tom is a CERTIFIED DOULA by the International Doula Institute, and act as a Prenatal Birth Coach and Pregnancy Advisor. He has worked with countless satisfied couples… providing prenatal support, guidance and education. Tom specializes in Optimal… Fertility, Natural Conception, Prenatal Health, Prenatal Nutrition, Natural ChildBirth, Birth Plans, The Optimal Hour, Post Birth Optimizations & Raising an Optimal Child. His focus is on helping couples to birth optimal babies into this world with an emphasis on normal natural birth that does not require invasive medical procedures and unwanted interventions. He works hard every day to make sure infants are born strong and grow up to be healthy and happy. Tom is often quoted as saying, “Birth is a natural event that sometimes happens medically… not a medical event that sometimes happens naturally.”


Tom is a CERTIFIED HEALTH EDUCATOR, who trained at and graduated from the Hippocrates Health Institute in 2013. As a health consultant he specializes in Ridding the body of AutoImmune Conditions & Natural Birth. He counsels his clients on Nutrition, SuperFoods, Supplements, Plant Based Food Programs, Detox Programs, and Home & Personal Health Products. Educating and guiding others on how to live an Optimal Lifestyle is his passion.


Tom is a KEYNOTE GUEST SPEAKER and give talks, lectures and presentations via podcasts and at Special Events, Seminars, and Conferences about “Living a Plant Based Lifestyle” and “Having an Optimal Birth: Fertility, Prenatal, Delivery & Post.” His lectures on Nutrition, SuperFoods, Supplements, Meal Plans, Detox programs, and Personal Health Products are constantly in demand. He uses humor and relatable, dynamic and inspirational stories to engage audiences with his contagious energy and captivating stage presence.


Tom is a SCIENCE TEACHER in all settings for it is in his nature to always be inspiring others. He was the secondary science teacher at Atlantis Academy Palm Beaches where he taught 9th Biology, 10th Chemistry, 11th Environmental, 12th Physics and provided advanced lectures, guest speakers, field trips & experiments. Tom may not be a doctor, but he is a scientist, and his advice is evidence based and follows the scientific method. He knows how to read, analyze and understand research and how to utilize it in the real world for maximum results.


Tom was a FORMULATOR & DEVELOPER of SUPPLEMENTS AND NATURAL HEALTH PRODUCTS. He developed a Nutraceutical 2.5oz Functional Shot with Adaptogen Herbs, Liposomal Delivery and Spore Based Probiotics. His Lifestyle Brand product lines are all cleanly developed with optimal ingredients free of toxins, and all are marketed precisely for emerging health markets. He put together a team of scientists and doctors to create this herbal wellness line.

That line includes a product for woman’s support called “HER RELIEF”. It contains all the herbs to balance the female hormones and the added benefits are lowering PMS cramps, decreased menopause symptoms, fewer hot flashes, as well as improved libido and fertility.

The other brands in the line are: CHILL, SLEEP, BRAIN, HIS POWER, DETOX & BEAUTY. He has also recently brought to market additional ready-to-drink products such as sparkling teas.


Tom is a GRADUATE of Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI where he graduated with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Science: Human Resources & Sociology, with a Business Emphasis.

Tom is a FAMILY MAN. He was born naturally in Flint, Michigan and raised in Flushing, Michigan by two wonderful parents who loved and supported him every single day, and still do. He recently was ‘Citizen of the Year’ Runner Up in his hometown of Flushing Michigan for his dedication to volunteer, charity, and service work. Tom is not married and does not have any children of his own at this time.

Tom often spends his VACATIONS & FREE TIME at his family’s rustic log cabin built in 1947 in the woods of Northern Michigan. This is where he retreats to experience time with his family and friends. Tom enjoys kayaking, boating, biking, hiking, water skiing, rare fruit hunting, exploring nature, foraging for wild plants, viewing wild animals, yoga, fitness and waking up at sunrise for a morning walk.

Tom is CURRENTLY RESIDING in Palm Beach County, Florida, where he enjoys putting on Live Events, Parties, Plant Based Potlucks, and Planning & Executing Special Excursions.


Tom Lives an ALL PLANT BASED LIFESTYLE and avoids all eggs, dairy, gluten, refined sugar, GMOs and chemically altered and processed foods. He is not vegan, but he sure eats like one. He daily juices raw plants like celery, wheatgrass and sprouts, and consumes raw plant based meals, local exotic fruits, fresh spirulina, adaptogen herbs and fungi. Tom visits local farms to purchase all fresh, ripe, local, organic produce from the source. Every day he gets just the right amount of sunshine, sleep, pure clean water, and clean, fresh, oxygenated air.  He exercises outdoors and stays grounded to the earth. He detoxes his body by cleansing but mostly by avoiding toxic foods, environmental toxins, and less then optimal personal care products. He avoids as much as possible all of the electromagnetic chaos and toxic negative forms of energy in this world. Tom also believes that living from the heart is as essential as caring for the wellness of one’s body and mind.


Tom is  VESTED IN studying and exploring  OPTIMAL BIRTH and how to raise an OPTIMAL CHILD. When he presents his findings to people, they find his insights and conclusions both brilliant and relatable. They often remark how his guidance and inspiration improve their lives and the lives of their infants. They are both fascinated and inspired, so they come back to him wanting more. He especially enjoys working with fathers and helping them to get involved in the whole pregnancy process. Tom wants parents to be able to unlock, activate and access the full potential of their infants.

It is TOM’S PREFERENCE to work with parents to make sure that their child never  contracts a lifestyle disease or endures unnecessary suffering… then to work with the elderly trying to undo years of lifestyle mistakes and unfortunate medical complications.

TOM’S RESEARCH shows that if we change one thing on this planet to move humanity forward it will be the movement to a NORMAL, NATURAL BIRTH PROCESS full of compassion — starting with a loving Conception, PreNatal Care, Natural Delivery, and Evidence Based PostNatal Care like breastfeeding. Tom believes the change will come when all educated couples select to work with doulas, midwives, birth centers, and with home births to bring exceptional babies into this world, generation after generation.

TOM ENJOYS WORKING EVERY DAY to improve this world and to inspire others to achieve their optimal lifestyle, plans, dreams, preferences and philosophies.

Tom looks forward to meeting you soon.

Have a Sproutstanding Day!






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Serving the Entire USA InPerson & OnLine!