This is the Rabbit Hole You Have Been Looking for… This Film is a Collection of Clips, and When you Watch it You Will be Convinced that it is Talking About 2020. However this Material has all been Created Between 1940 & 2011. I Originally Curated all this Material Together in 2013 & Promoted It… You Were Warned… Have a Sproutstanding Ride… Aloha!

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“In Times of Universal Deceit…

Telling the Truth…

Becomes a Revolutionary Act!”


“When You Change the Way…

You Look at Things…

The Things You Look at Change!”


“Never Doubt that a Small Group of…

Thoughtful, Committed Citizens…

Can Change the World:

Indeed, It’s the Only Thing…

That Ever Has!”


“I’d Rather be Hated for Who I Am…

Then Loved for Who I’m Not!”


“If You Base Your Identity On…

Identifying with Authority…

Then Freedom Causes Anxiety!”


“Those Who Can Give Up…

Essential Liberty to Obtain…

A Little Temporary Safety…

Deserve Neither Liberty nor Safety!”


“My Definition of a Free Society is…

A Society Where it is Safe…

to be Unpopular!”


“The Most Courageous Act is…

Still to Think for Yourself!”


The great revolution in the history of man…

past, present and future, is the revolution…

of those determined to be free.”


“The Tree of Liberty Must Be…

Refreshed from Time to Time with…

The Bruised Egos of Both…

Patriots and Tyrants!”


“Don’t Die with Your Music Still in You!”


“If You Want to Change the World…
Start with Yourself.


“Stop Cooperating with…

Your Own Enslavement”


“An Error Doesn’t Become a Mistake…

Until You Refuse to Correct It.”


“All Evil Needs to Win is…

the Consent of Good People.”



“I Believed that if the People Knew

the Truth About how They had been

Lied to, About the Myths that have

Led Them to Endorse this Butchery

of Their Lives, that They Would

Choose Against It!”


“The Risk that You Take is that

You will Ultimately Learn Something

About Your Fellow Citizens, Friends

& Your own Family… They Watch It,

They Even Hear It,

They Understand It,

They Acknowledge It &

They Proceed to Ignore It!”


“You are Given Knowledge,

You are Given the Truth, You are

Made Aware, but You Just Simply

Choose to Not Act on It.

You Think it is Easier to Just Live

with the Lie & the Butchery…

Then to Change.

You are Wrong!”


“It is Said that I Do Not Want to Speak

this Truth to People Older than that

of Middle Age, because These are

People who Have Possibly

Sacrificed Principle for the Sake

of Career, Status, Relationships

& Money!”


“They have Lived with that

Compromise, and They will have a

Lot of Disdain, Even Contempt

for a Human who is Doing it for

the Sake of Principle, and who

Followed the Heart, Took a Risk!”

They Would Never Take a Risk…

They Will However… Punish You for It!”


“It is Now Considered by You to be

‘American’ to become Aware of

the Truth and to Ignore It.

It is Now UnAmerican’ to Act on

Knowledge by Living your Life in

Accordance with Truth,

Awareness, Health, Ethics and

by Doing the Right Thing for

Yourself & Your Fellow Human!”


“Your Brethren are Already in the Field!

Why Stand You Here Idle?

What is it that Human Beings Wish?

What Would You Have?”


“Is Life so Dear, or Peace so Sweet,

as to be Purchased at the Price of

Chains and Slavery? Forbid it,

Almighty God! I Know Not What

Course Others May Take;

But as For Me,

Give Me Liberty or

Give Me Death!”


“Your Deepest Fear is Not that You are


Your Deepest Fear is that

You are Powerful Beyond Measure.

It is Your Light, Not Your Darkness that

Most Frightens You!

You Ask Yourself…

“Who Am I to be Smart, Good Looking,

Talented, Interesting & Appreciated?”

Actually, Who are You Not to Be?

Your Playing Small Does Not Serve

the World!

There is Nothing Enlightened About

Shrinking so that Other People Won’t

Feel Insecure in Your Presence.

As You Let Your Own Light Shine, You

Unconsciously Give Other People

Permission to do the Same!

As You are Liberated from Your Own

Fear, Your Presence Automatically

Liberates Others!”


“Our Greatest Ability as Humans is Not

to Change the World, but to Change Ourselves”


“You May Not Be the Hero We Asked for,

But You Are the Hero We Deserve!”


(1988) Powaqqatsi: Life in Transformation

(1940) The Great Dictator | Charlie Chaplin

(2005) Life Is Worth Losing | George Carlin

(1976) Network | TV is Mind Control

(1999) Fear of GERMS | George Carlin

(1957) Atlas Shrugged | John Galt Speech

(1976) Network | Get Mad

(2012) The Newsroom | Will McAvoy Speech (Jeff Daniels)

(1993) It’s Just a Ride | Bill Hicks

(1961) John F. Kennedy | Secrecy

(2008) Your Rights Are an Illusion | George Carlin

(1949) The Fountainhead | Courtroom Scene

(2005) V for Vendetta | Seeds of Revolution Speech

(1964) Martin Luther King Jr. | Nobel Peace Prize Lecture

(1997) Good Will Hunting | NSA

(1964) Martin Luther King Jr. | Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance

(1961) President Eisenhower’s Farewell Address

(2011) American Dream Cartoon

(2003) The Meatrix

(2009) 2081

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